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Our cooling systems unfortunately get really dirty after a full year of use. The air filter jams up with dust, dirt, and hair. The ductwork sucks up pet dander, dead skin cells, and other pollutants floating around the home. The cooling coil gets moldy, the condensate drain gets clogged with algae, and the whole system can get a layer of grime over it. Running a dirty AC unit is a mistake. Not only will it not produce the desired amount of cooling, but it will potentially damage the system, and diminish its lifespan.

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A once-a-year cleaning is a simple and effective way to save your system and some money in the process. Have the specialists from Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning service your machine inside and out. The ductwork is scrubbed, the air filter is changed, and all the inner workings are checked for debris. A clean system produces fresh indoor air quality, has fewer AC repairs, and increases system life. There are endless benefits and zero drawbacks to AC service in Middleburg, FL from Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning.

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Mark it in your calendar to call for AC service in the spring. Beat the Florida heat and have your cooling system ready ahead of time. That way if there is a repair needed, it is taken care of before you need the system. Calling for early AC service in Middleburg also ensures our technicians are available and can arrive at your earliest convenience. Once summer hits everyone starts thinking about their AC system!

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