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Enjoy cleaner air with professional duct cleaning!

duct-cleaningAs the heating/cooling system operates, airborne pollutants are drawn into the duct system.  If it’s been awhile since your air ducts have been serviced, the system may harbor dust, mold, dander, webs, bugs, construction debris, and even decomposing rodents. Introduced into the airstream, contaminants can trigger allergies, aggravate symptoms of asthma, and cause respiratory illnesses. When you trust the upkeep of your duct work to Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning, we make sure the system is free of harmful particles and prevent them from being circulated throughout your indoor environment. You’ll take advantage of a healthier living space and feel more comfortable.

Have you noticed excessively high utility bills or less than ideal comfort levels? If so, it could be a problem with your ductwork. When debris is allowed to build up in your duct system, the HVAC system has to work harder to achieve expected comfort levels, leading to wear and tear and increased running costs. Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning has a team of duct cleaning professionals, offering duct cleaning services to help your HVAC system operate more smoothly and efficiently. Through remote video inspection cameras, you’ll even be able to see firsthand how clean your duct system is.

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Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning is well-known for our dedication to customer service. Just doing the job isn’t good enough. We hold ourselves to higher standards in order to ensure a rewarding start-to-finish experience. Every project is important to us, and we deliver outstanding results through our unwavering attention to detail. Our team of dedicated professionals do not disappoint. We arrive on time, fully equipped to handle the scope of the job, and leave no mess for you to deal with. Drawing from extensive experience and training, we expertly handle every challenge and implement proven strategies to achieve superior efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. When you contact Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning for duct work cleaning, you are in very good hands. We’ve built our business on honesty and integrity, and continue to find new ways to exceed your expectations.

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