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At Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that humidity plays a major role when it comes to the comfort and health of your home. Humidity affects many different aspects of your indoor air quality, indoor temperature, indoor comfort, and overall health of your home. When dealing with too much humidity in your environment, you’ll find that the air can feel especially heavy and uncomfortable. On the other hand, when the humidity is too low, you can experience problems with dry skin, respiratory issues, and even damage to electronic devices and furniture.

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Some specific ways humidity can affect your home include decreased efficiency of your cooling equipment, bad indoor air quality, and mold growth. When you have high humidity levels, naturally this will cause your AC system to work harder which increases your energy costs. You can also deal with increased allergens and indoor pollution with high humidity which can cause you to suffer from headaches and health complications. High humidity makes an ideal environment for mold growth which can cause additional health issues and structural damage to your home.

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One of the best ways to keep a balanced level of humidity in your home is to utilize your AC system. AC systems work to remove moisture from the air which ultimately creates a healthier and more comfortable living environment. When you utilize your cooling system, you can prevent mold growth and improve indoor air quality. If you are experiencing high levels of humidity in your home in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Middleburg, Ponte Vedra Beach, Neptune Beach, Fleming Island, Fruit Cove and Macclenny, FL, make sure to call us today at (904) 865-5220, so we can help improve the comfort levels at your home!

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