Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair

The summertime is definitely the worst time to have your AC go out, but it happens. When you need a Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair company, Hammond Heating and Air is the company to call.

No one likes having to wait or sweat it out because of a broken AC unit. And whether you need a cleaning or your unit replaced, the Hammond Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair team is ready to make things cool again. We will expedite your service calls and make sure someone is out as quickly as we can. Our Jacksonville team will assess and quote service repairs. In many cases, our Air Conditioning Repair team can make repairs on site without having to schedule another appointment.

Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair Checklist:

  1. Open and review the ac unit components
  2. Check air handler and indoor unit
  3. Review electrical and plumbing
  4. Document issues and identify key issues
  5. Quote labor and materials
  6. Develop timelines
  7. Repair on-site if applicable

If you are in need of a repair or want to prevent a breakdown with maintenance and a thorough check-up, contact our Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair team today. And you may or may not have known that we provide AC repair services to more than just homes, apartments and condos. Our Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair team also services commercial and industrial buildings.

Commercial AC repair services and processes are not much different than residential AC repair. We will come out to your office or industrial building and assess your ac unit (or sometimes units). Our team can provide on-site repair if applicable, or schedule a time to come back and complete the work within a reasonable time.

No one likes to be stuck in the summer heat without AC, especially in a home or office, so give our Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair team a call today!

Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair


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