4 HVAC Tips to Survive a Hot, Sticky Summer in Florida

Welcome to Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning, your go-to HVAC experts in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding communities. With scorching summers in Florida, staying cool and comfortable is essential. We're here to share four valuable HVAC tips to help you beat the heat and humidity while keeping your energy bills in check. Read on to learn more and if you need AC repair or AC maintenance services, contact our team today.

woman adjusting thermostat

Optimize Your Thermostat Settings

Set your thermostat to a higher temperature when you're away to conserve energy, and lower it to a comfortable level when you're home. Programmable thermostats can automatically adjust temperatures, ensuring efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

AC filter being replaced

Regular Air Filter Changes

Dirty air filters restrict airflow and force your HVAC system to work harder, increasing energy consumption. Replace filters every one to three months to maintain optimal efficiency and indoor air quality. This is a simple way to make sure you aren’t putting unnecessary strain on your cooling system.

AC condenser unit

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Don't wait for issues to arise — schedule regular HVAC maintenance with us at Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning early in the spring or summer. Our experts can inspect, clean, and tune up your AC system to ensure peak performance and longevity, helping you stay cool all summer long.

living room with ceiling fan

Utilize Ceiling Fans and Ventilation

Supplement your AC system with ceiling fans to circulate cool air more efficiently throughout your space. Utilize ventilation by opening windows during cooler evenings to reduce reliance on your HVAC unit.

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We know it can be difficult to keep your home comfortable in the Florida heat, but you can stay ahead of the summer heat by implementing these HVAC tips from Hammond Heating & Air Conditioning. For personalized solutions and professional HVAC services to keep your home cool and comfortable, contact us today. Let us help you survive the hot, sticky summers in Florida with reliable HVAC expertise.

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